Green Landscapes, Urban & Rural
  • urban and rural landscape design

    Private garden design and construction of pond, terraces, access tracks, rockery, fence 2010

  • urban and rural landscape design

    constructed model for a urban teenage shelter (left) 2011; design and construction of demonstration gardens; willow work, decks, ecologically rich planting schemes at Bishops Wood Centre 1997-2002

  • urban and rural landscape design

    The Jesse Tree: a church garden with biblical plants, artwork and old testament food producing plants 2006-2010

Our simple design templates help you to work out how to balance your inputs and outputs. We can design, plan and implement the creation of your landscape based on your balanced requirements; or we can guide you through the process of creating and implementing your own design.

  • Schools
    • learning environments
    • food forests
    • structures and shelters
    • natural play areas
    • pupil participation
  • Public Space
    • parks and reserves
    • public gardens
    • playscapes
    • community reskilling
  • Site Analysis
    • slope
    • orientation
    • wind
    • water
    • access
    • structures
    • soils
    • plants
  • Education
    • reskilling
    • participation
    • design process