Public Space
  • urban and rural landscape design

    timber structure and standing stones 2009, part of the natural play landscape at Redstone Marsh, seen here being opened by the Mayor

  • urban and rural landscape design

    digital elevation using existing site trees to show visualisation

  • urban and rural landscape design

    we made 2 major play areas for Worcester Woods Country Park in 2010 which resulted in unprecedented numbers of visitors to the Park

We have formed very successful relationships with councils, community groups and other organisations to enhance real places with new life: food gardens, local parks and interactive play areas for all age groups.

We have worked with over 400 schools; numerous Parks departments of County and District Councils; Churches, Hospitals and Hospices. Full references and testimonials available.

We are currently working on a concept design for Oamaru Public Gardens playground with members of the Waitaki District Council.

  • Schools
    • learning environments
    • food forests
    • structures and shelters
    • natural play areas
    • pupil participation
  • Public Space
    • parks and reserves
    • public gardens
    • playscapes
    • community reskilling
  • Site Analysis
    • slope
    • orientation
    • wind
    • water
    • access
    • structures
    • soils
    • plants
  • Education
    • reskilling
    • participation
    • design process