What we do

We create, design, construct and evolve outdoor spaces for children, families and communities.

Landscape, garden and playground design and construction for:

We have tried and tested solutions to age old landscape problems...pedestrian congestion; muddy grass; bad drainage; nutrient poor soils; pernicious weeds, whatever...and we welcome your enquiry. See some of our landscape design and construction work. If you want to contact us, we would be delighted to visit your site and talk through how we may work together.

Much of our design and construction work is with schools, helping children and young people see that the creation of a whole garden, or a unique feature within the landscape, or even the simple act of planting trees is a participative venture of delight! We also work with community and voluntary groups and people with learning difficulties to help design and construct various projects. Where possible we supervise practical projects involving design, construction, planting and maintenance.

We also build gardens without participative help! But we insist that your community is actively involved in the landscape and playground design, so we leave you with something of lasting value.

We reuse and recycle; and use materials from other companies that respect the planet.

We carry £5 million public liability insurance; and have construction industry certification.

green was founded by Guy Redmond in Spring 2002. We have a small number of very skilled gardeners and landscapers working with us, and can draw on many years of experience.