Landscape Recovery
  • urban and rural landscape design

    Private garden design and construction of pond, terraces, access tracks, rockery, fence 2010

  • urban and rural landscape design

    constructed model for a urban teenage shelter (left) 2011; design and construction of demonstration gardens; willow work, decks, ecologically rich planting schemes at Bishops Wood Centre 1997-2002

  • urban and rural landscape design

    The Jesse Tree: a church garden with biblical plants, artwork and old testament food producing plants 2006-2010

From polluted and degraded land to over extracted farmland...we can advise on the best strategies for fast recovery and long term enhancement. Soil creative, resilient and coherent techniques and strategies to rescue polluted soils with tough plants, nitrogen fixing nurse crops, plants undemanding in nitrogen and mineral accumulators providing rich mulches and organic matter which reinvigorate soils with life enhancing bacteria and fungi and for long term sustainable production.

Hard pan clays and free draining sands balanced to create drainage and rehydration respectively.

We advise on the best strategies for creating positive futures, and we are always monitoring our previous sites and asking our clients for updates on transformation and succession.

  • Schools
    • learning environments
    • food forests
    • structures and shelters
    • natural play areas
    • pupil participation
  • Public Space
    • parks and reserves
    • public gardens
    • playscapes
    • community reskilling
  • Site Analysis
    • slope
    • orientation
    • wind
    • water
    • access
    • structures
    • soils
    • plants
  • Education
    • reskilling
    • participation
    • design process