Landscape Design
  • urban and rural landscape design

    a design for outdoor learning, food production and cut flowers. Coppice craft shelter on Victor’s farm.

  • urban and rural landscape design

    Jan’s Canterbury 25 acre farm design mixes fine timbers, honey and food forest production with an equicentral horse grazing system; and sites for potential future sub division plots. The design takes the section from an exhausted extractive system to one of multiple positive functions.

  • urban and rural landscape design

    One of Guy’s Viking Long Ships in living willow from 1998 (left) and same view 2012 at Bishops Wood. With Robin Dalton, Guy designed and implemented the landscape earthworks, native and productive planting including willow beds and a cider orchard.

By combining site analysis and context with our clients requirements, we can create an interactive design by skillfully placing elements to take advantage of natural living systems.

The mainframe design work puts into place the water flows, capture, storage and harvesting; the main access network of roads, paths, tracks; and the siting of potential housing, animal shelter, retaining walls, workshops etc.

With the mainframe structure in place, the design work looks to fill in the spaces with the detail. Planting design for windbreak; food forests and forest gardens; growing areas and raised beds for veggies, salad and small fruit; symbiotic guild systems for tree fruits, nuts, orchard and forest gardens; integrating food production with raising poultry and other animals in a balanced system of wholeness and health.

We can guide you in the creation of your own landscape design so that you can have complete confidence to create the landscape that supplies you, your family and your community with all your needs.

  • Schools
    • learning environments
    • food forests
    • structures and shelters
    • natural play areas
    • pupil participation
  • Public Space
    • parks and reserves
    • public gardens
    • playscapes
    • community reskilling
  • Site Analysis
    • slope
    • orientation
    • wind
    • water
    • access
    • structures
    • soils
    • plants
  • Education
    • reskilling
    • participation
    • design process