Guy RedmondGuy Redmond

BA in History of Art and Architecture, Guy worked with the Peter Nahum Gallery in the 1980’s. Following this, he spent a year working for a Maharajah in north-west India, and in response to the outdoor beauty of the east, he quit the art business in 1989 to get back to nature.

He spent five years gardening and laying out simple designs for private gardens in Barnes, south west London, and ran a small nursery business of unusual perennial plants and trees. In 1994 he spent a six month period travelling through, and along, the magnificent canyons, parks and rivers of the USA. In 1995-6 he was top horticultural student at Cannington College, Somerset; assistant head gardener at Altamont, Irelands famous romantic tree and shrub garden (1996-7); School Grounds Design and Planting officer for Worcestershire LEA at Bishops Wood Centre (1997-2002), where he supervised over 400 hard and soft landscaping projects, from playground design through to the planting and aftercare of thousands of trees.

"I’m lucky that I really enjoy doing this – in particular, making gardens for children and communities. First, it’s a lot of fun; second, the children and volunteers we work with see that the creation of an interesting landscape is easy and also, that it is very rewarding: planting a tree, tending it for a few years, planting some herbs and bulbs and flowers underneath it, and then picking the fruit off it and eating it. This is good! If you want to know how good, let us come and make a garden for you."